Commercial Real Estate

Building a strong backbone for your technology

With the collaboration of architects, general contractors and electrical consultants, we provide low-voltage, security and AV design services required for the design development phase of real estate projects for a successful technology implementation. We are a team of technology experts with extensive experience in the design process, paired with our ability to interface and convey technology requirements in our field of expertise to all stakeholders involved in the project.

Telecom RoomsTelecom Rooms

Telecom Rooms

We have guaranteed success with industry-leading manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo, and our installations have the capability to provide non-stop service, even if a hardware failure occurs. While this process can eat up your IT budget, getting it right the first time will ensure that you don’t have to worry about it ever again. We label and test all connections ourselves to ensure your business will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Voice and Data CablingVoice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data Cabling

Genesys Impact has provided voice and data cabling installation services for a variety of industries, from healthcare to retail, and unlike other companies, we are always mastering best practices and anticipating new technological advancements to provide you with the best service. With our implementation, your voice and data cabling systems will grow with your company, not against it.

Fiber SystemsFiber Systems

Fiber Systems

Fiber optic cabling is a proven solution for reliable, high-speed Internet access, no matter how large your user base. Genesys Impact has successfully and innovatively installed fiber optic cabling for hundreds of businesses like yours. We guarantee faster network speeds, better service, and minimal use of cabling to keep your business moving forward.

Audio-Visual SystemsAudio-Visual Systems

Audio-Visual Systems

Audio-Visual (AV) systems enhance communications with your employees, partners, and customers to deliver impactful messages. Genesys Impact specializes in the design and build of audio-visual systems for classrooms, conference and board rooms, training and learning centers, and other venues.

IP Phone SystemsIP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems

Whether you’re trying to connect nationwide offices on a crystal-clear conference call, or you’re simply hoping to nail down a client with a perfect sales pitch — we’ll provide you with the phones, service, and support you need.

Wireless LANWireless LAN

Wireless LAN

Make your wireless network work for you, your business, and your workforce. We’ll install a network that can bolster your cyber security, improve employee productivity, and serve as the backbone for your monitoring systems.